THE DREADFUL SPACE Game Developed by Caztellary

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THE DREADFUL SPACE is a very action space war game, the mission is to fight the ships from other planets, the game requires a lot of skill to get rid of enemy shots and counterattack with all the cool resources you can get in the game. Combat is intense and very agile, confronting your skills as a Battleship player.








Droid Guier Game Developed by Caztellary


Droid Guier is a battle of robots, where the player will be able to control an Android, use different weapons to destroy their enemies, but use it wisely and strategically so as not to be unarmed. The player can gain several weapons at each stage, use defense and attack weapons, leave several traps to corner your enemies. The game also has a weapons shop that will be unlocked by the player and will be able to choose and buy with gold screws collected at each stage of the game.
The game has great gameplay, attacking speed and addictive defense that gives a feeling of pleasure to each stage conquered. In several stages there are puzzles to do, many are optional, the player chooses whether he wants to make the sequences and win the prizes. There are 47 stages with different enemies and different obstacles.
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The main Droid can use various weapons and resources.

- Shoot cannonballs at enemies;
- Install explosive mines and corner opponents;
- Use energy hitters to destroy robots that are nearby;
- Push boxes and explosive mines;
- Use turbo and have more speed in the game;
- Use shields to protect yourself from enemy attacks;

Main Droid can pick up multiple items

- Gold screws that you can join and buy different weapons;
- destroy boxes found in the levels and get the items inside them;
- at a certain time, boxes will fall that can help in the battle.

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